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Thanks y'all but I prefer my Toltec philosophy.  I have found it much simpler to accomplish.  Christianity is way too complicated.  Jdawg I've said time and time again I don't believe in the myth of Jesus as you are suggesting.  I only think his existence as a man is likely.  I question his demi god status due to the fact that I only see the bible as the work of man.  I think the whole idea of church is against what Jesus taught so if I was a Christian I'd be working on shutting it down not supporting it.  But I'm not nor will I ever be.
What part of my last summation suggested that you believe the mythical parts of the Jesus story as outlined in the bible?

I'd also be curious as to your reasons for why you think the existence of Jesus the man is likely.  I'd be curious to know where you get the things that this Jesus individual taught.

I'm trying to understand what your beliefs are, junebug.  I tried to lay out my perspective on your beliefs with that that summation.  Perhaps if you clarified what it is I'm mistaken about, I could get a better understanding.

She makes up her responses as she rewrites it elsewhere (why it takes her so long to respond even while being logged in).


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