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Nam I know what I am and what I'm not.   No you've done more than call me an idiot.  What was that comment that got you put on the watched list?  It was nasty.  I won't repeat it.

It's harassment. I'm not a Christian.

What comments prove that?  I only talk about Jesus when one of you guys ask me about it.  Usually when you're trying to prove I'm christian; for whatever reason you find it important to do so.

You really need to broaden your view of the world.  There are many kinds of people out there, some very unique. 

If it's really too much for you to see me any other way go ahead and call me whatever makes it easy for you.  Leave your mind narrow.

I've defined what a Christian is: a follower of Jesus and his teachings. You basically minus out everything in the Bible except Jesus and his teachings. If you consult multitudes of dictionaries there will be one definition quite common in the bulk of them, which is what I state above.

Again: it's irrelevant what other Christians say a Christian (mainly because they only represent their own view: like you), and what you personally believe.

I don't believe in a god or gods. I do not like to label myself as an atheist, I'd rather state nothing but to other people I am an atheist; and I state that I am, at times, based on that perception.

Just like I don't like to be referred to as an atheist is the same as you not like being referred to as a Christian (though you're more vile about it) which in both views: is irrelevant.

Get it yet? Of course not.

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