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What choice do the plants in your garden get?

"Choice" only applies to creatures with minds.  A zygote does not have the necessary hardware for a mind.  As an engineer, you should be able to grasp that.

And I didn't say you were trolling this thread, just that you're a troll.

what if u are wrong though about the fetus being non-life.  Your mistaken belief and others like you will have sanctioned thousands of fetuses/babies to death.  My beliefs on abortion can't result in something horrific like that if I turn out to be wrong.

Consider this:   Imagine if everything about men and women was the same, except men had the babies.  I think nearly ever single woman would be against abortion at that point given woman's natural nurturer status.     

Also, abortion doesn't have anything to do with religion.   It is a question of ethics and plenty of atheists oppose it.   

If men had the babies why wouldn't then the men have the trait of being the nurturer? Why, in your analogy, do you presuppose the women would have it? They most likely have that trait now because they are the ones who give birth, who are the ones who become pregnant.

You're all kinds of "idiot", aren't you?

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