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I hate to side with the FAUX NOISE guy but the atheist, in that video, was being extremely rude and disrespectful to the host. For one, he definitely didn't answer the guys question about who complained, he just brushed it off and stated it was irrelevant. Secondly, going by the Bible: Biblegod created hell not Jesus but his real problem seemed to be that he was speaking as if Jesus is Biblegod. That's the reasoning of a Christian, not an atheist.

If he stuck to the premise that the Nativity scene was on public property and not ranted and purposely (knowingly, or not) just insult Jesus, Christianity, etc., as a whole. I think he would have faired much better.

Also, these are not the battles atheists should be fighting. These are minor things. Stop dealing with individual minor things that, in truth and in my opinion, make atheist look petty.

Go after the things that effect a vast majority of people. Not Nativity scenes, or Christmas trees, or the like.


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