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Quote from: idontknowshit
It seems much more likely that you're just annoying people.

If that were true of all people, on this website, I wouldn't have as many comments as I have nor as much +1 in karma either. Don't get me wrong, many here probably agree with you--hell, I could point some of them out myself but just like me: they have methods that work for them, and I have a method that works for me. And it does work.

See, they probably have the same opinion of you as I do but they're holding it back not to be nice but to drag the conversation out. Most of them know you're most likely a Poe or a Fundy, or a Cafeteria Christian, but they like to draw things out, and sometimes I do too but you're just all kinds of idiotic and though it would may be fun to draw it out with you I just can't because you're adding a definition, your definition, to a word that actually has no meaning to you, at all, but to make you feel good about the actions of your god, in your religion. So, to "drag" anything out with you would be pointless. To get you, by my method, to say what you're holding back seems to be better. And you are holding back, and if you stay here: I will get it out of you.

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