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My 2 cents...

I'm sick of this attitude that having an abortion is 'no big deal'. Personally, I couldn't imagine a more traumatic ordeal (unless rape was involved also). There seems to be this misconception that a pregnant woman might callously consider her day like this:

Husband: "So darling, what are your plans for today?"

Wife: "Well, I was thinking of buying that cute little handbag I've had my eye on, then I'm meeting Susan for a coffee, then I'm getting an abortion, and then I think I might get my hair done."


I think the use of contraception to most men/women (boys/girls)[1] use it without a thought in their mind; and I am sure some of the younger guys probably always vote for the abortion ('cause they're idiots) but I don't think that most girls who think about having an abortion just come to it as no big deal. That's usually propaganda spewed by those against abortions.

 1. for those with the intellect to use them
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