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The abortion debate is one that seems to be getting louder and louder in today's society...

Wrong. It's always been loud. It's just one side always quieted the other with nonsense or with actuality. You know how many abortion topics are on this website alone? Too many to count. Years of topics. It's never been quiet. Please with such rhetoric about it getting louder and louder: it's always been defeaning to the ears.

This is my take... Abortion is wrong, in all cases except if it is endangering the life of the mother.

Most people who are pro-choice are not actually for abortion. Abortion is more than just "abortion", it's also about a woman's right. Like, if she is raped, oh say by her father, that she has a right to not have the child especially if the girl is a child herself. That's just one horrifying example among many.

There's also the point-of-view that a woman, like a man, has a right to do with their body as they please. With certain religions telling their members that using contraception is just the same as having an abortion, or worse, and that they will burn in hell for using it, sort of drives safe-sex out the window.

Also, how about over-population? Back in the day, we had diseases with no treatment, and people warring with others to take their land at a constant, and other things to help on population control but the more people there are the less hospitable this planet will be.

But let's not take such things into consideration. Abortion is wrong 100% of the time except when harm comes to the mother.

From a religious or secular view I believe that the very Idea that this is still something we debate is rather sick.

That's because people like you think the conversation is over 'cause you're right, and everyone else is wrong.

Am embryo, a fetus is not just a living thing, it is the embodiment of human potential. From the moment it is created it has the potential to be a great person. To think, to create, to love, to be loved. It has the potential to change the world, and taking that away is just sick and frankly a crime against the species as a whole.

I find you to be a crime against the species as a whole but you don't see me complaining like a little baby about it.

A human being is the most powerful thing in the known universe and cutting it off before it gets a chance is just not right. Please tell me I am wrong.

You are wrong.

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