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Not all Republicans are bad people. The mayor of my city is a Republican. He's been Mayor for 20 years. I've voted for him 4 times in a row. He's done a lot to help move the city forward; especially by diversifying it, and allowing more business to come in. The city has gone from 6,000 (mostly white, like 96% white) to 35,000+ (only 88% white now). I think he's a good guy. Though weird. If anyone not knowing he was a lifelong Republican (old school type, was also Mayor of the city back in the 1970s) they'd think he's a Democrat. But, he's not. I voted for Charlie Crist. Even Jeb Bush (once). I will vote for a moderate Republican but not a conservative one. When a mod/repub speaks out against his/her party it usually ends their careers. They are outnumbered. Even if they went to the Democratic party, that doesn't guarantee them success in that party.  Where in the past switching parties may not have been such a big deal, today it seems to mean everything. As if you betray your own party, then, in a way, you are betraying your country, or something.

Political parties seem to have become fundamental ideological viewpoints where it's one way, their way, and no other. I think this is why 3rd parties find it difficult to succeed at almost anything. Even though most in 3rd parties are usually former members of the two main parties, or, they lean that way. Either way.

It's a Civil War, with a secondary war in the Republican party. The Democrats aren't really fighting. Not like the Republicans. I don't know if that's worse for the Republicans, or the Democrats.

An opinion.

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