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I don't know Hal, do you believe you're winning this argument, yet?

People who give in so easily to what they've been against most or all their lives are weak by nature.  See, Christianity was one of my abusers when I was a child. It did more mental damage than physical but it had a hand in the physical aspect, as well. Now, some could say that I chose atheism 'cause I got a bad rap as a child from those who weren't really loving wholesome Christians but that wouldn't be true 'cause those people were there, too.  No, reading the Bible, cover to cover, and understanding what I was reading taught me: Christianity is nothing but a hateful religion in the disguise of good will.

See, it'd be more of a hell; i'd be tortured more in my mind and heart if I accepted what causes me the most pain. Taking the opposite route would be a picnic compared to being the weak person, such as yourself.

That's how I know i'd last more than 15 seconds.

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