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In every written history of mankind, the unexplained was attempted to be explained by creating stories - mystical stories.  Religion used to evolve as we gained more knowledge.  However, for some reason we got stuck around the turn from BC to AD, and religion stopped evolving.  We could point to Joseph Smith, however, it is still based on concepts from 0BC.  We need science now.  We need to be intelligent beings - to live to our full potential.  We need to have a common understanding on a vast array of topics - to become up-to-date with the latest developments, and not be deceived by populous opinion or the media or certain special-interest groups.  If you want to know the truth, the information is out there waiting.  You just have to have a good brain and know who to listen to...

I am on the internet, in some situations scouring for information that I may find fascinating.  I may not dive into all the details of science, however, all I need is the basic understanding, or a brief.  I'm not interested in creating the glue to m-theory and relativity or something.  I have my own area of expertise.

Like any person trying to make sense of their lives, I was searching for answers.  Why?  How?  What's the purpose?  Many people over the ages have been asking these same questions, over and over.  All of their answers to these questions was that life had some higher meaning, and a deity was behind all of it.  You may get diluted enough to say that there is a god working through you, or that he does things for you - however, it is you, through individual effort and the need for acheivement, doing those things, and other people doing their things.  As well, this place is actually quite chaotic. 

However, there is a pause to the chaos.  it's something as simple as a mental state of mind.  I've found during my life that emotions guide your decision-making.  But emotions are simply a state of mind, that can be guided and controlled to some degree.  That being said, trying to belong to a religion is just an emotional prompt to belong to something bigger than yourself, or belonging to a group and therefore avoiding isolation.

However, I rather enjoy the shadows, the feeling of a cold chill and carrying around a pelt and broadsword as my kindred did, being the lone wolf that you don't really want to back into a corner.  I used to pray that people would finally understand me.  Then I knew if I didn't take action myself, it was never going to happen..

There was a point in my life when I knew prayer never really worked.  So I stopped praying, at least for myself or my own things.  Then, when I saw other people praying, especially at a time when people needed to act swiftly and aggressively on a heated topic or many lives would be endangered, I found myself springing into action.  Ever since then, I've been an activist...

While I understood Jesus to a certain translation of my own accord (everything good), there were details I had to ignore in order for it to all fit.  The same is true for anyone who associates Jesus' words to their own lives.  In that realization (everyone has their own interpretations of Jesus, and none of it is apparently wrong to them), I found that the words of Jesus and Revelation were essentially no different than when my tarot cards were getting read to me.  It all seemed to happen or make sense at some point in time.  I can refer back to Nostradamus (sp?) and say the same.  You can't look into the future and say - this is exactly how, when, and where it will happen; but when something does happen that can be applied to what was said, you think it's undeniably the 'prophecy'.

Many people today even consider themselves prophets - just like the older days, they are all prophesizing about things that are supposed to happen soon - in their own lifetimes.  Some people consider things such a mess that only a deity could resolve.  So they pray, or they prophesize, or they try to forcibly bring about the end of time.  Either way, it's all coconuts, and they have all been wrong in recently recorded history..

So I stopped praying, and started acting.  I started to make a difference in this life, even though I became an easy target and also a sort of a extremist in some ways.  However, I find what I do to be well worth the time - and I even work on things I wanted to accomplish in this life while I have the time.  What else is better to spend your time doing than doing the things you always wanted to do, as well as being the biggest benefit to society and people in general that you can be?

I am not a perfect person.  Not all of my ideas are spot-on every first time.  However, taking the time to work through the details can be rewarding - even if it's something as simple as spurring a new conversation or starting a new idea that could re-shape our lives, and create a better reality for us all.  I'm tired of living by the standards that this environment has put me in.  I want to create a better system, however that can happen.  I want to ensure that this place is taken care of for my brothers' kids and their kids.  I am tired, and displeased at the thought of, continuing to stand by while people screw this place up past recognition or towards collapse or destruction.  In many cases, I look forward at trendlines and see the loss of life.  I can do something about it before it happens, and so I will try to do what I can.  But it takes other people, in certain other positions, to achieve things these days.  So there comes a point when you need friends - and I never really had any before.  I hope in time we can engage in open dialect, as the internet has prompted us to be able to do.

Provided, I am not a good conversationist.  Just as you are swayed by your emotions, I can't keep control of mine at all times, either - even though I am correctly described as 'passive, passive.' 

Many people have the wrong idea about me - even when they first meet me.  I felt that was a problem.  I've done something about that in my professional life, and now it's starting to take root.  However, my personal life is still isolated by incorrect rumors.  I find that since people can't act like we should and just pick a fist-fight with me instead of playing social games that I can only sue about, this is getting to be some serious nonsense that I am growing rather tired of.  So excuse me if I happen to swear at you when I get angry.

But the realization that this life may be all you have made me sure as hell want to accomplish the things I've been wanting to accomplish since becoming an adult.  I've never wanted the same things as many others - like a family or numerous friends.  I'm here because I've decided life is a mess, we have a lot of problems, and we need to sort through all the solutions and fix these problems now.  For the betterment of tomorrow and your kids' futures.  Because of atheism and this site, I am closer to achieving such goals.  I've gotten better about spreading thoughts and ideas, and my own ideas have become less extreme and more plausible.  I argue that while we are doing some things right, in some cases we aren't doing enough.  However, many are still diluted by old concepts and old ideas, that are irrelevant today or have entirely changed.  So people have the wrong opinions, and that's a barrier to getting things done.  But at least I'm engaged in solving the problems of our time, having fun while I'm doing it, and not taking anything too seriously.  This is well worth my effort. 

My belief system, discluding religion, was always based on a set of realistic, small, simple beliefs about myself and the type of person I am.  That was a good base - I wasn't destroyed when I found out through finally coming across this site, that Jesus was not god.  All I needed to know was who I was, and it didn't matter how people saw me, because I already knew what I was capable of from the start.

However, I would challenge the rest of you, including me, to find ways to promote REALITY, instead of calling it 'the truth'.  What is the truth, really?  The truth is whatever happened in reality.  When people speak of the truth, unless they are referring to themselves then the only thing they can go by is undeniable evidence.  However, evidence can be subject to falsity.  But that's all we have to go by when referring to externals.  Therefore, the only way we can achieve progress in today's environment is to promote evidence of our theories and studies.  When I theorize about something, it's just a theory.  But when it's debated and tested to the extent where it's a proven technique, now I have done something worth my while..  we need to find a proven technique at waking up people from religion, and promoting a sort of peaceful attitude towards people that have graduated from religion and embraced 'scientific evidence'. 

As all the evidence we have gathered about the 'reality' of this universe is made evident; and the old, ancient notions of deities controlling or causing things is becoming more evident of being false.  How many times does a religion need contrary evidence and no supporting evidence before the person says 'I should let this go'. 

And when that person lets go of the idea that things can and should wait until the 'next life', and realizes that they only have this life to do everything they want to in this one life - spend time with the ones you care most about, get to know strangers, make a difference, do what you dreamed of, etc., then you have someone that has immediately sprung into action.  And that, my friends, is called an 'awakening'.

I want to wake everyone up to the problems we face, not in some other reality, but in our own reality.  I want people thinking in terms of this reality, and what to do for themselves and those around them - to make the earth a better place and to preserve our environment.  That is the stance that everyone should take - human progression.  A better understanding.  Something that puts a positive twist on every human.  Something to actually create world peace.  Something worth your while. 

Just some thoughts...
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