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Hi, I'am also new here...

first off do you think that some parts of the Bible could be true but others aren't?

Yes, sure some parts in the Bible are true whilst others are not. I just think the Bible is mistaken by Christians for what it was actually intended to be.

Woah, woah, woah.  Stop right there, John.  Listen to what you just said - some parts of the bible are true.  Don't confuse truth with 'right'.  You should be saying 'I agree with some parts of the bible, and that's why I continue to believe in it.'  I think that is most people's stance on religion, anyway - it closely aligns with whatever they wanted to believe in the first place, and they agree at least in part with it.

Take the recent recall from a 'top atheist blogger', as it was said in the news, becoming Catholic.  First, her husband is Catholic.  She said basically her reasoning was she wanted to believe, and Catholicism, even though she disagrees with some things, most closely aligned with her sense of morality.

Had I said to myself - I want to be in a religion again, I would actually go with Bhuddism.  Even though I can't spell it correctly...  My morality most closely aligns with that kind of deity and that kind of religious teachings.  The bhuddist god isn't an evil dude.  Plus 1,000,000 points in my book.  They teach you to put yourself above 'sufferings' - to allow you to find internal peace and internal joy - how to overcome negative things and replace it with positive things.  That's my sense of morality.  And it's a good one.  Even though there is still some additional wisdom here in Christianity, or Catholicism, or even Islamists that the people of that time wanted to leave behind, there are also some really nasty stuff that if you take it at face value, you've destroyed your morality instead of enhancing it.  Yes, some things in all of these religions are meant to teach you lessons in life that somebody wanted to leave behind.  That's the basis of every religion.

But, don't go saying 'truth', when in fact the only things we can determine to be true are things we can study and analyze.  In fact, most things point to the truth being that there are no deities, at the current time, with what I've seen logically here and everywhere else on the internet with science.  That doesn't mean in some other dimension it's not a possibility, but through logical reasoning we can actually invalidate every religion out there.  And that leaves the rest of it looking like craziness that you're better off ignoring.

For example - before I was a rationalist.  I had to ignore everything about my religion and concentrate only on jesus.  Even then, I had to ignore some of the things he did/said.  He's not actually an all-righteous dude if you really, really pay attention.  He said some pretty awful stuff, he intended things even worse.  He basically called himself righteous and showed everyone else they are damned demons.  He even said multiple times he would damn everybody, and also multiple times that by God's grace it was more or less a gift given to us for eternal peace and life.  That's some major back-and-forth.  His words aren't jibberish - it's just organized like a maze is all.  Once you see the whole maze, you'll know he was just a guy - like you and me. 

So while yes, even as a rationalist I can agree with some parts of every religion, I disagree with major parts of every religion, and to me that justifies my stance.  It should justify yours as well.  Just don't go calling something true in place of 'I agree with this'...

That's my 20c to add to the party here..
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