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A few of you have remarked on the part about the sumerian kings and how it said tens of thousands of years. Of course people have not lived that long. That sentence doesn't say they do, it says the the Sumerian list of kings says that those kings lived that long. Obviously showing myths of the Sumerians.

And velkyn...You should really stop looking to the biased evolutionists websites and get your information unbiasedly. The book I quoted from was written by an athiest who went out to disprove God and Jesus and the Bible and he actually went out into other countries and everything to find the answer and he did find an answer. Christianity is not a blind faith but one rooted in historical fact. I charge you to actually look to the Christian side of things before you continue slamming Christianity. After all what is it morally that Christians stand for...good things, not bad things. You have no idea how much it saddens me that you continue to be in such unbelief, I'm sorry, I tried to tell you the truth but even if I gave you all the evidence that would prove God and Jesus and the Bible you would still not believe. Because its not a matter of you can't believe its a matter of you won't believe. Because then you will be accountable for what you do. And you can't have that, so you deny.
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