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What if the black people you want to deport to a 'black state' don't wanna go? What if they want to stay where they are because they're happy there, what if they like their job?

The vast majority of them have no stable employment and by that I mean a wage that supports a family. With the 75 percent illegitimacy, this provides even more problems and the businesses they work in are on the vast majority owned by non-blacks. As many black scholars like Roy Brooks and John Clarke  have pointed out, integration destroyed independent black wealth. The white liberal cruelty, in seeking to use the blacks to destroy the patriarchal white protestant culture,  have destroyed the black communities. The young men on the majority refuse to put their hands to the plow of legitimate work because they think they are aiding the white power structure and they are right. A new independent nation for blacks is in their best interests and has been admitted by black scholars. It is what they want on the majority.  But of course the military would be called in to perform this.

What if they've got white friends and family?

If the Father is white they stay, if he is black they go to the new black nation. (nbn)

But why exactly do we need to segregate blacks and whites?

Because liberal whites have destroyed the black community and black wealth (I know that back athletes make tons of money but they are the vast minority) through their uncivil rights era and their FORCED integrationist policies . Because of this (and liberal educational propaganda) blacks target white people for violent crime:



We are not living peaceably with each other, and now blacks rape more white women every month than all the plantation owners ever did to back women.

I know you're going to say 'to preserve races', but tell me what is exactly wrong with being mixed race?

You lose a great deal of your identity as a person with a specific tribe that has a specific history and a story to tell.  There are also issues that pertain to sterility.

You know white Anglo-Saxons are actually mixed race, Americans are mixed race and so are the British. The fact we say 'Anglo-Saxon' is a testament to that, it is like saying 'African American', except of course Angles and Saxons were both white. English blood is made up of Angles, Jutes, Saxons, Vikings, Celts, Normans, Romans and so on.

You are conflating tribe with race. On the Biblical model there are 3 races that begin with Noah's three sons. All of the groups you mentioned descend from Japheth and are thus the same race. Secondly, a person's distinct tribe is determined by their Father. Women do not play a federal role in the Bible. 

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