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Dude that song is amazing! The only thing better than the actual song is the video. It reminds me of a Kirk Cameron movie and he is after all my favorite director... ever...

How can you not be sucked into that hook line? "Mr. I wanna buy these shoes for my momma please its Xmas eve and they are just her size." GENIUS! The lyrical depth is just mind bottling. The fact that she won't ever get to wear those shoes that this broke ass kid bought her for Xmas makes it all the more heartwarming. I never thought I would find God in a song about a pair of shoes.
I feel that I man enough to admit that this beautiful tune brought a small tear to my eye. I have come to expect that from just about any song preformed by 5 conservatively dressed and well groomed dudes hanging out on some steps with only one guy singing. Add in some fake snow and Xmas lights and you sir have found the key to G-Rolls heart. I am a straight male but I have to admit I would fuck the shit out of that guy. Like a groupie at a LL Cool J concert.
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