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The book of Thomas was cut because Jesus was a little bad ass.

BESIDES this, the son of Anna the scribe was standing there with Joseph, and took a bough of a willow tree, and scattered the waters which Jesus had gathered into lakes.
2 But the boy Jesus seeing what he had done, became angry, and said to him, Thou fool, what harm did the lake do thee, that thou shouldest scatter the water?
3 Behold, now thou shalt wither as a tree, and shalt not bring forth either leaves, or branches, or fruit.
4 And immediately he became withered all over.
5 Then Jesus went away home. But the parents of the boy who was withered, lamenting the misfortune of his youth, took and carried him to Joseph, accusing him, and said, Why dost thou keep a son who is guilty of such actions?
6 Then Jesus at the request of all who were present did heal him, leaving only some small member to continue withered, that they might take warning.
7 ¶ Another time Jesus went forth into the street, and a boy running by, rushed upon his shoulder;
8 At which Jesus being angry, said to him, thou shalt go no farther.
9 And he instantly fell down dead:
10 Which when some persons saw, they said, Where was this boy born, that everything which he says presently cometh to pass?
11 Then the parents of the dead buy going to Joseph complained, saying, You are not fit to live with us, in our city, having such a boy as that:
12 Either teach him that he bless and not curse, or else depart hence with him, for he kills our children.
13 ¶ Then Joseph calling the boy Jesus by himself, instructed him saying, Why doest thou such things to injure the people so, that they hate us and prosecute us?
14 But Jesus replied, I know that what thou sayest is not of thyself, but for thy sake I will say nothing;
15 But they who have said these things to thee, shall suffer everlasting punishment.
16 And immediately they who had accused him became blind.


Forget Noah Ark there's your movie! Its part karate kid as Joseph trains little angry hooligan Jesus to use his powers for good and part feel good Christian movie.
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