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I don’t know... He said some messed up things. A&E didn’t want that to represent their channel and what would it look like if they did nothing? At the same time A&E don’t want to get rid of the most popular reality show on tv. So it makes since to suspend him rather than fire him and then let it slide. So action was taken by A&E against the bigoted reality show person but the show goes on and people continue to make money.
It hurts my brain to read comments on Facebook or other news sites about this. It literally causes physical pain. It makes me lose faith in the future of America because America is full of Americans. A million some people joined two stand beside Phil Facebook pages. All in an attempt to protect his First Amendment rights. People even posted pictures of the Constitution and asked "I guess this means nothing anymore?" Yet the government has taken no action against Phil... So... what are they talking about?
Also what about the First Amendment for Martin Bashir? Saying Sarah Palin should eat shit is not a protected right? You know from the Government that didn’t arrest him or even mention anything about it?


Maybe only Christians should have the First Amendment protection. Because they are a persecuted people here in the US who are not allowed to talk openly about their faith. Because Merica is a Christian Nation full of an oppressed majority! Democracy sucks we want a theocracy! We think... Hail Jesus! Phil for president!
Obama had something to do with this!
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