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This topic makes me insane. I believe it makes me crazy because I truly don’t get it. I understand a pro life stance. They see a fetus as a person and that is fine… I get it. Preventing ovulation from occurring is an abortion because… um… WTF? Even Plan B which prevents ovulation (a very expensive pill that comes in a silly large box) doesn’t kill anything either. It prevents abortion!
And who are they to say what I can and can’t do with my life and my family or lack thereof?  Again if they see pro choice as murder I disagree but I understand what they are saying at least. I don’t think I will ever understand how birth control pills are made by the devil and “give you permission to be a whore”- thanks for that gem Rick Santorum. My wife uses contraceptives so is that weasel fucking jesus freak calling my wife a whore?
Yet I can go and buy a box of condoms and no one has an issue with this? I can buy two boxes of condoms and Ricky S and his buddies have said not one thing about my intentions with my overwhelmingly ridiculous condom stash. My potential baby smashers. Man gravy dams.

And the cat lady guest hit the nail on the head. So now corporations have more of a say in elections than I do because they can throw more money at a candidate than I will ever make in my life. Now on top of that if my employer is a nut he gets to decide if I will have kids, when I have kids, and why stop there? Why not drop by my house and make sure there is no sodomy going on. You know like the Cooch down in VA wanted to do. So is the average American worker officially a corporate drone? This is starting to sound like a Fear Factory song… Yay small government party and freedom of religion.
When did religion place people above the law? When did one persons religion make life choices for others of different religions? It seems like we are just years away from becoming a theocracy sometimes.
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