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All it proves is that Satan has a really low IQ and wants to be his own boss.


I though the devil was the most clever being of all time… He fools your Christian friends into believing all those false gods right? And demons are fallen angels that followed Lucifer’s rebellion correct? And I don’t think that Satan or his demon friends are in hell yet until revelations takes place. As the story of Job shows where Satan just wonders around everywhere and even goes up to heaven to say hello. So god allows Satan to exist and do what he wants (free will for Satan) or Satan’s fate is predetermined and controlled by god to muck up and lead his creation astray.
So does Satan have free will like we humans (supposedly do) if his fate is spelled out in revelations? Is it possible to have an omnipotent god and free will when fate seals the final chapter of your bible? Is the book of revelations not fate if it is destined to happen? Can you stop it and save the world or are we all doomed to the American Death Cult?
The whole Satan concept is a mess and makes no sense. It is laughable that you would pass off that god is benevolent and demons/Satan are the reason for evil.  And that Satan is actually some idiot who has existed for who knows how long.  Your god either controls Satan or allows him to muck up your Christian world. So either Satan is a genius underdog with free will or your god doesn’t care enough about you to get rid of him. Or your god isn’t powerful enough to get rid of him. Or maybe it’s a secret love story and god still has a place in his heart for Lucifer.

I apologize for not being fully spun up in your Fable. I can’t name all the Lord of the Rings characters either. The dwarf always stumps me. Yet Tolkien nerds don’t get all bent out of shape about it.

The more I think of it the more I believe that the “actual” story of Satan was never written. All this nonsense was taken out of a book that cast him as the bad guy. He was an angel, he didn’t like his boss so he was fired and given the boot, then he received some kind of promotion and became some kind of pure evil super being, and his story will end one day in the book of fate you call revelations.  I would love to hear his side of the story.
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