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I think I could better answer that if I knew the source of the "hub bub" that you referred to.
Well one thought that comes to mind is that if the whole Christian religion all boils down to a cosmic lottery of the chosen or the damned why bother spreading the good word? Are you attempting to rub our noses in your cosmic choseness? Or are you trying to save souls who can't be saved due to the creators decision to damn us from the start? 
And if a creator or god wishes to be loved and worshipped by his creations why design (what 90%?) of that creation to be incapable of loving you and damn them all. Lol and you worship this being? Who is the bad guy in your mythology and why?

I honestly didn’t expect the answers you gave me. I didn’t actually think that a modern religion could be so villainous yet claim moral high ground and benevolence. Although you are a bit of an oddity of the Xians I have talked to so I supposed I should ask if your god is in your opinion benevolent or if he only cares about his chosen creations.
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