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I'm sure you guys have more constructive conversation than Charlie is a piece of shi* and Charlie is an idiot, and hail Satan. How about let's be adults here.

First of all I don’t think you are a piece of shit. Your god does. You strike me as a well spoken gentleman. Unfortunately I can't say the same for how Yahweh sees you.
Second, I didn’t call you an idiot. Well not directly in exact words. I used colorful banter to make my point. I apologize if I offended you but sarcasm is my first langue and I would expect a theist who joins an atheist website would have a bit of thicker skin.
Third, why not hail Satan for our consciousness? For our ability to know right from wrong? If Satan was the serpent he is the reason we have that. Unless you believe god controls everything including Satan and this was all part of a divine elaborate plan.
It is still a mystery to me how you attribute your consciousness, morality, or anything else that separates us from the animal kingdom to god. The ability to realize you are naked to know good from evil are gifts from Satan.

How about let's be adults here.
Why? Being immature and childish have gotten me this far. I fear I may be too far gone.  :(
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