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I am an occasional hunter. I only hunt waterfowl though as I have no idea what I would do with all the meat a deer would provide. I enjoy hunting geese and ducks and coming up with new ways to make them taste good. 
I don’t own a gun though. I don’t hunt alone and use my buddies Remington 1700. I provide the ammo/shot and he lets me borrow one of his shot guns. Maybe that makes me less of a man but.... who cares. I do plan on buying my own shotgun so one day I can hunt on my own.

As for the idea of using a weapon to defend myself I honestly don’t see the point. In most cases I can think of I wouldn’t be the first person to draw their weapon, nor would I sit around and watch tv with my gun waiting for some hooligan to break down my door. So unless I am some kind of super fast Quick Draw McGraw I am only going to get myself shot pulling out second or running through my house to my weapons location. Perhaps if I was sleeping and kept it in my room and heard someone break in it might be useful. But unless zombies rise from the dead or the US turns into a Mad Max movie I don’t see the need for owning a gun for safety. I don’t believe in shooting unarmed people and feel quite competent with defending myself with my bare hands. I am not afraid of a good old ass kicking enough to kill an unarmed asshole.

I do have a long semi interesting story though...
We were at an exercise where the MILES gear was used. MILES gear is the laser you attach to your weapon to simulate shooting the enemy. When they are hit a little buzzer goes off and their gear is shut down so they cannot engage back, because they are "dead." Anyhow the way it usually worked is that Security Forces (cops) would set up the perimeter and defend the base from any threats. Well they just deployed without the training so we had no cops and thus no real perimeter security.
I worked in the mortuary where I would process the "KIA" and was their first stop to process them back into the exercise. Most of my time was spent sneaking out shooting at bad guys (not my job) the rest of my time was spent processing friendly fire casualties. You wouldn’t believe the number of friendly fire casualties on nights we were attacked.
After this experience I have kind of come to the conclusion that if the Aurora theater shooting happened in a theater packed full of gun carriers the people in the back would shoot the people in the front. Sure someone would kill the bad guy but chaos and armed people who don’t know what they are doing is a tragedy waiting to happen. To think that everyone in the heat of the moment and fog of adrenalin can perform precisely what needs to be done in the precise moment the precise way is silly and laughable. Clearly the fear mongers who say differently are brainwashed by those who want to sell guns, or sell guns themselves.
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