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The quoted text is not a statement; it is a series of questions.

You asked me a question following from questions about someone else's statement.  Thus, the only information I had to reply with was the information on which I was basing my questions: GIA's statements.
Well there you go..

Ah, but I did answer your question directly with the best information I had.
I see that now and I stand corrected my bad.

I answered the question you asked, not the question you may or may not have secretly been intending to ask.
Pfft... You don’t know anything about my secret question. I didn’t want to ask you the secret question anyway.

So what I find amusing is that you only think I fulfilled the topic of "Why is it so hard for believers to answer a direct question?" because you in fact fulfilled the alternate topic of, "Why is it so hard for nonbelievers to ask a direct question?"
What I find amusing is that you didn’t bother to say you merely asked questions about someone else's statement. Why not just say this from the start?
In my defense if my question was anything it was direct. Based on faulty assumptions sure. But direct.

the answer you wanted, but the answer you wanted would not be the answer that reflects reality because the answer you wanted required both of us to make the same faulty assumptions.
The answer I wanted? If there was an answer I wanted you to give I would have assigned it to you and perhaps announced it if I wanted to discuss it. I wouldn’t bother asking you a question if there was an answer I wanted you to give me.

So instead, I answered the question you asked quite directly, and the irony of it is that you are so far lost in your own faulty assumptions that you thought I was dodging when I failed to give you the not direct answer that you erroneously thought was direct.
So rather than just clarifying everything you decided to play a game? Eh, well done I guess.

This course of action would have likely led you to Reply #128 words 10-23,[1] which would have given you the information necessary to ask a direct question.
I'll be damned it's right there huh? Again I apologize for my mistake. Still a simple explanation for my dumb ass could have saved you the time of typing this post.
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