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Lol Mooby I didn’t ask GIA a question I asked you one.
This statement when applied to the God character as a parent

So you're implying that love equates to permissiveness?  If that is indeed the case, then surely the parents who love their children the most are always the most permissive, and those who are less permissive must love their children less?

Leads me to believe you feel a loving parent (God in this case) would not let their children into heaven. Rather he would throw them into a lake of fire. That is not an act of unconditional love.
My opinion of your statement that if a parent loves their child they would not be all permissive, to a point I actually find correct. However when applied to a deity and eternal reward or eternal punishment or even just burning someone alive love is not involved. To quote Forest Gump... "I'm not a smart man but I know what love is, and it is not burning someone alive." Yes he said that.

So you feel that God loves us all so much that he wouldn’t be universally permissive and allow us into heaven, rather just burn most of us alive? Is that unconditional love?

P.s. I was greatly tempted to be an asshole and repost our transcript.
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