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Alzael: Depends on the mod, because I "shouldn't" need any skill to convince anyone to follow the rules, should I? (like this offtopic post of yours).

Monkeymind: Perhaps I made a mistake, If I did, I apologize in all honesty.

In general, I apologize for showing myself not so friendly, but as you all might see, I've got 9 negative Darwins already, and if you check the reasons for that, and the number of haters I'm getting you'll be able to understand. So, maybe I am or I have been acting in a bad way to some of you, but I ask for a little of understanding, just picture yourself talking about God's non-existence in a church and you will be able to understand my position in this partially intollerant comunity.

So, once again, thanks to those who have decided to act in a civil, intelligent and open way, and my apology to those who have been or feel attacked by me in any way without justification, because I cannot know for sure who is who in the little time I have been amongst you.
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