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Your opening post is mostly philosophical, would you agree?  You seem to want to anchor this discussion on facts that you have not actually shown to be true.  That's fine, as long as you are willing to accept that they might not be true.  Your very first sentence is your opinion, as opposed to "most of them have been proven to become true".  There is no evidence that conclusively proves that revelations in the Bible are mostly true.  If there are, you should point out that evidence.

Actually, by pointing at the books of revelation I just offered part of the bible I consider to be truth, giving you guys the possibility to use it against my point of view if you find that possible; let's say, if I say "I believe Noah's story is 100% truth, would people ask me to prove it, or just jump and say all the errors and stuff about Noah's story? that's exactly the same in this case, you can use this information against me, by pointing out errors or contradictions in the prophecies or not, it's up to you.

Your last sentence refers to the idea that no one can prove God's existence, or non-existence.  While this is technically true, most of the members on this site are atheists, which means they do not believe there is a real god, and most of them believe this because no god has ever been shown to exist.

So, you would like to focus this discussion on what is more likely to be true.

That's right, and that is why the subject is interesting and worth of being debated, because if we cannot KNOW, we could at least calculate what is more probable, and on base of that, we could determine what is the "logic" way of thinking. Now... I would like to request this topic to be moved to the debate zone you mentioned and to invite some people who actually know of the subject (maybe you can recommend some members?) so we can get the best out of this debate on basis of mutual respect and keeping an open mind.

In my opinion, given that all gods appear to be man-made, and completely imaginary, I have little reason to think that a god is more likely than no god.  As well, the world as I see it appears to be exactly the way a world would look without a god in control.  The suffering of humanity by itself, much less the suffering of other animals, and all of the extinctions and disasters that have tormented this planet since its birth.

This you're saying is very important, I can simply tell you, YHWH is not to be seen by men, as you know, and that apostasy have been prophetized, also that earth have been in power of Satan, but it would be more important to determine, aside from those details the "probability".

Of course, I could be wrong, but I am betting that any god as amazing and powerful and loving as the one that many Christians claim is real, would never allow so much suffering.

Suffering alone clearly shows me that there is no god.

Suffering is the other side of joy, and without suffering you would not know joy (as I said before), also, it is WE who create suffering for the most part.

Edit: I don't know what you're implying with this video 12 Monkeys, that animals can have intelligence too? I haven't said the opposite, if it reffers to evolution, it doesn't explain anything at all. Imagine, ants working together to collect certain biological materials to transform into a fungus to eat, being born knowing how to work and what to do, this queen, ready to produce children during all of her life... do you think this could have come up as the result of non intelligent evolution?
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