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When entering to this forum I assumed I was going to find some of the best examples of clear/analytical minds (because this page have some deep arguments), but I see anger and confusion instead in most forum members.

Is anyone capable of reason? I would rather that some people commit to be reasonable so I can read their responses ONLY, this will help us to ignore the reading of flaming, trolling and spam, and to go forward on this debate I propose, instead of ending up in nothing.

So please, those who want to debate with reason and weight, please let me know, for I will be only reading posts of specific persons, this will help me to focus in those replies and reply faster. Others could just address to them if they have something to add, because so far I see, there are not too many believers on this forum, and because of the huge number of members I find myself on a difficult situation in which I cannot read and reply to everything, not to mention I waste my time reading useless posts.
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