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One thing I have learned reading all the issues presented here on this site, is that every issue and statement made, contains so many sub-issues and directions that are brought up by everyone commenting here.

It truly humbles a person how posting a view here on this site brings out all the directions and issues that you never would have considered in holding the one view that you thought was the only view on the matter.  We hold so strongly on to our beliefs even in the face of facts that we know tell us a different story.

You find that your stance on an issue that you have accepted all your life and was comfortable with sometimes does not hold in the light of the analysis of your statements by others.

With so many minds working it really brought home to me how even the slightest change we want to make to how things are currently done, can raise so many other issues that impact so much. This holds true for even the simplest positions we might hold.

I enjoy mathematics because it gives me the results right away if I am right or wrong. It also has an elegant beauty in that once the basic rules are figured out, 2+2 = 4 will forever more hold. You can rely on this to hold and feel confident that when you make a statement 2+2=4, you can back it up with logical proofs that everyone can see given enough time and contemplation if they accept the facts presented.

The rest of the issues such as religion, social, economic, life, etc, are just so complex that we may never really know the one right way to answer them, though we try every day, hence the very colourful comments on most issues raised just on this chat board alone.

The first time I came on this board and made a comment, that comment came from a firm belief in my way of thinking, was the correct and only the correct view. Needless to say, I was quickly humbled in finding out maybe my view was not so right after all. I have learned since that time to really listen and think before I even open my thoughts to others, and then present them in the light of truth seeking and not to just win my side of the issue.

I can honestly say I have become a true truth seeker in a quiet way now.

As to Richard Dawkins comments, perhaps it would be better that we never were born in the first place on this earth. Why? Well for me personally I have loved living here. I was fortunate to have not known poverty and so grew up as a happy person never knowing the harshness of what life could be to others that were less fortunate than me.

But as the reality of aging and eventual death of each one of us has come into focus more as I have aged along with all the other problems of existence that are part of this survival on earth along with the good things of course,  I find I really do not wish to leave it, ever. So this leads me to state that since I am going through this emotion, maybe it would have been better that I had never been born in the first place and spared the anguish of enjoying all this and then having to realize that the party does end sometime.

So the point I want to make regarding Mr. Dawkins comment is that maybe the ones who will never live really are better off than the ones that are given a taste of life and then find out that they have to leave it eventually. Better to have never tasted the wine then to have tasted it and found you like it and wanted more but you will not be getting more.

This is my opinion.
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