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I posted here in February 2012 and of course it was a tough opening night as they say for me!

However after reading the debates here and the thoughts from both the theists and the naturalists, I must admit I have learned much concerning both sides.

I love to learn and enjoy opening my mind to all possibilities and this site has certainly provided a very good education for me.

I also agree with Chapter 32 The future of the Human Race from the Why Wont God Heal Amputees on-line book, as I have often told my family why does humanity allow so much suffering in this world when we can do something about it today?

I have never been a debater per se, and will continue to enjoy being a reader and question asker as needed, as there are enough people on this site to provide the interesting debating material for a long time to come.

My apologies for the initial post (reply #205) as one needs to learn and listen to both sides point of view before you can just come out and say my view is the only way! 8)


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