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Would you be convinced if I went to wikipedia and edited the definition of Cherry picking to say what I want it to say?  You do understand the priniciple of wikipedia don't you?

Yes, I do. Add information from reliable sources and cite said sources. Information without reliable sources gets removed.
Are you sure you understand what that means?
Hi Luci:
Do you suppose that there are a lot of peer reviewed articles of the meaning of cherry picking, in scientific journals...I can hardly keep from placing an LOL here, but I won't:-)

Now that is a classic ad hominem and strawman

Go back to school. You have no idea what those fallacies are.
Another strawman/ad hominem combination.  Is the principle too subtle for you to grasp?:-)

Don't say "wrong" and then not give an explanation

Why not?

That is not an analogy, it is a simple, logical statement of fact,

If it's not an analogy, then it's irrelevant to this discussion.
Wow...LOL  I guess I can buy that you do not consider facts as relevant to this discussion.  So the fact that my statement was not an analogy is naturally irrelevant eh?
I don't know.  Is that your point?

Pretty much.
Then why did you not just say that instead of asking me if it is your point?

You write worse

Show me where I "write worse".
Ha ha ha.  The illogical way you write means that you wouldn't get it if I did show you:-)

Are you sure you see me as a projector, and not as a mirror

Your idiocy is as clear as vacuum.
I guess that one went over your head...LOL

I apologize for seeing the humour in the silly confrontational attitude,

^That's what you sound like.
The rules here don't allow me to say what you sound like...LOL

and the poor attempts at wit, of people who pretend that they are here for serious discussion

This coming from the idiot who keeps posting "LOL" every third paragraph or so.
Sorry, I really cannot keep the grin off my face as I read what you think is witty.  Incidently, if my laughing bothers you so much, just consider LOL to mean "lots of luck"...LOL
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