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Then be rational:
Quoting verses is cherry picking, and that has spawned thousands of doctrinally disagreeing denominations.  Reading a story to understand it, is not cherry picking

Wrong. Saying that certain verses are true while others are not is cherry picking. Saying that none are true yet the "story" (composed of said verses) is true is stupid. Saying that all the verses are true is idiotic.
Hi Luci:
What you say may very well be true, but it does not apply to anything I have written here.
Scripture was not written in verses.  It was written in flowing narrative.  It was later divided into verses for ease of making references.  Unfortunately, the good idea of verses created the bad situation of fragmenting scripture.  Scripture has to be defragged in order to get back to the flowing narrative.  A sentence which is lifted from narrative and quoted as if it was written to stand alone, is always quoted outside of it's context.  The accuracy of what a quoted verse appears to say, can only be determined according to it's agreement with the overall narrative.  IOW, quoting a single verse from a story, means absolutely nothing unless the quoter and the hearer both understand the story.
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