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Since there are an estimated 30,000+ doctrinally disagreeing denominations, and any given verse may have as many different explanations as their are denominations, you will have to explain what you think these verses mean before I can comment:-)

We're atheists. Most of think bible verses are just a bunch of made up crap. So we will be asking you to give us your version of what it means any time you haul one out. It does sound like you are less likely to do this than most christians that show up here. We'll be calling you on what we call "cherry picking"; choosing the stuff you like and ignoring the rest. Even if you use it as a reason to not pay attention to the book as anything but, as you call it, a story.

Welcome, by the way. I suspect we'll be butting heads soon, but that's why we're here, right?
Hello PP:
Hey, a lot of bible verses are just made up crap, and maybe the whole bible is just made up crap, but what anyone thinks about the truth, accuracy, or believability of the bible, does not change the fact that the bible tells a chronologically continuous story from beginning to end, and that story is the context in which everything in the bible must be understood,...if one is interested in understanding the bible:-) 
My position is that the bible is a story written by religious men, but it is not a story about religion, or God.  It is the story of a political solution to an ideological goal.
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