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it is not based on us "having to know right now!" It is based on us understanding that science changes like the weather and God never changes.

One time, it was a FACT the earth was flat.
Now it's a FACT the earth is round.

It used to be spontaneous generation was a FACT.
Now, it's not a fact.

It used to be a FACT that diseases were cause by bad air.
Now it's a FACT it's germs.

Take a look here:

You can not find truth in something when the truth changes every day. Heck, maybe tomorrow evolution will be false and everyone will say "We got that wrong but trust us on the next theory!"

FACTS can not be FACTS if they are constantly changing. TRUTH doesn't change. TRUTH is TRUTH.

I've even heard that the Big Bang theory might be obsolete soon despite the so called mountains of evidence it had to support it.

If you guys can't agree on what a fact is, you can't expect anyone else to just blindly follow the world of scientists.

Skeptic, you never answered my question. Do you think the earth is flat or a sphere? Has science discovered this fact or not? Do you think science will be "constantly changing" the answer to this or your other examples again?

Your statement shows that you do not know the difference between scientific fact and scientific theory. Scientific facts are the observations, measurements and data which are used as a basis for scientific theory.

Evolution is based both on facts and theory. Darwin had mostly facts when he published The origin of species. It was not until one hundred years later when DNA was discovered that the full theory could be attempted.

It is a sign of intellectual honesty to be able to change your mind. Skeptic, You have shown that you are incapable of changing your mind.

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