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So junebug, you are an expert on intelligent design and you have made up your own theory on the subject?

Yes I think the Intelligent Designer planned every living creature from the start.

Maybe you can share some of your expertise on the subject, if you don't mind?

No I look at Intelligent Design like this.  When you bake a cake you know what ingredients you need to make it happen.  I see our creation in a similar way. 

Anything else?

I don't believe our creator cares as much about us having healthy bodies as much as healthy souls.  Our flesh is temporary our souls are not, IMO.

I've always believed God only gives special (disabled) children to special  people.  W/O suffering we would not know empathy or compassion

And all this was learned from personal experience was it?

I am 41 years old I have watched mankind evolve in several ways most of all technologically.  To say I have no personal experience is falsifiable.

I suppose that you have thought about the fact that any intelligent design makes every living creature into a robot? Does that really agree with your personal experience?

I have done disinterested work.

So not personal experience then? Do you know that all kinds of intelligent design also have something else in common, they are all wrong?

I don't recall saying God has designed everything. 

So how do you know this new idea is correct?

I go with a belief that makes me feel rational and morally right. 

How do you believe you feel today? Do you think you are more rational than other people?

In fact I have been more successful proving my beliefs rational here; especially to myself. 

Can we see how rational your ideas appear to other people?

I believe the question we are debating is where did that first offspring come from.  There had to be a man and a woman.  They had to figure out what those body parts were there for.  I bet the woman instinctively knew something was growing inside and that it was a baby.  I bet she even realized it was there because she connected with the man.  It took intelligence and love to have and nurture that first child.  Before there were schools there was intelligence.  There is a reason for male and female.  Do you think they evolved together or did they meet by chance?  A couple of rebel apes that thought losing the fur was a good idea.  But now you have to kill to get fur from animals to stay warm. :?

That certainly does look like a rational argument special to yourself. Have you considered looking at research by experts in biology?

For someone that read this whole post you should know me better than that.   

Do you not think that experts in biology know more about evolution than you do ?

I beg to differ I have evolved from where I came from.

You won't change your mind?

Oh contrair I have said here a few times I will change my mind if proven irrational.

I can't wait.
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