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My claim is that evolution, on its own. Is insufficient to explain life. I have tried to explain to you my reasons behind my thinking only to be mocked and belittled. Honestly I don't care what you think of me. Who are you?

Evolution is impossible. The presumption that we come from nothing is just that,a presumption.

Try Adding God to your theory and suddenly it can make sense.

I have greatly enjoyed this discussion. It has challenged me and I hope you can with me be able to think of each other has allies not enemies.
There is no reason for evolution to hurt my faith. I can see how to make it work. The question is, can you make room for God in yours?
I am NOT asking you to become Christian or even to read any Holy text. Just to look at it ALL and see the truth.

I am not capitulating, If you continue to claim evolution without a God is possible I will continue to argue that it is not.
In show of my willingsenn to make it work I propose:
A different Explaination of evolution

Acknowledging the Obvious (there is design therefore a designer)
through exploring the curious (how does it all work)
To reveal the Glorious (Live IS wonderful)

Its an easy fix in my own mind. An acknowledgment of each side and the validity of such as viable and possible.

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