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Well all of the thousands of gods have one thing in common and that is that not a one of them will manifest themselves to provide irrefutable evidence to all of the world that they do exist.  That's all it would take--just show yourself and provide evidence that you are really god.  That shouldn't be so hard, especially for a god.

Yes, evidence that there is a god would be nice.  You know, the kind of exhaustive evidence that the religious demand of science to back up any scientific claims and no matter how much hard evidence is given they just simply refuse to believe it.  So, that kind of evidence--the kind that would rise to the standard to convict somebody in a just court of law.  Hard, physical evidence that cannot be refuted or otherwise explained and not simply hearsay.

Talk is cheap.  It's easy to claim that god did this or god did that.  Prove it.  How hard could that be if it's really god?  Or is it only like in Peter Pan, "I do believe in fairies.  I do!  I do!"?  Obviously if you do believe in fairies they must exist &)
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