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instead of simply ignoring that your link apparently has been refuted by science and posing new questions, what you ought do is adjust your 'belief' to coincide with reality. What you are doing is trying to hang on to beliefs despite the facts. As usual, what we suggest here is go to a peer reviewed scientific source (yes, this rules out your creationist sources) and learn what the actual theory of evolution is.

Furthermore, when you decide to question evolution (which is fine) try to ask the same question of ID or creationism. What sense does it make to create a termite that cant digest its food source then to make a bacteria to assist in that action, instead of just making the termite able to digest the wood? Its one of the more dumb things I ever heard. When you start to question creationism the way that you attempt to question evolution, creationism is revealed as extremely silly. Evolution answers the questions perfectly.

Whats intelligent about putting a breathing pipe next to an eating pipe?
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