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What are you going on about, gawd? Sorry man, no more time today. Tee box #1 in 45 minutes!
You know exactly what it is, but you dont want to answer the question like a theist when they know the gig is up.

You have not provided sound reasoning as to why he shouldnt carry a gun that isnt loaded. Your argument if you would become honest enough to answer the question, is that when it is not loaded it cant do what it was meant to do, which is kill. You dont want to go into the purpose of the gun because what it actually does is open a door for a murder 1 case.

There is a lot of intellectual dishonesty going on here, and it saddens me for a website supposedly full of free thinkers.

Zimmerman had his device intended to kill on him, because he intended to kill apparently. Not having bullets, may serve as a deterrent from violence equally as well as a loaded gun, but it doesnt do what it was meant to do, kill. As you and the other clown have stated, it would be moronic to not be able to kill when having the gun on hand. This is propaganda.

The same people who tell you that it is moronic to have an unloaded gun will also tell you that if you have a gun you better be ready to use it. And if you are ready to use it, you better be ready to kill with it. So, Zimmerman being the responsible gun owner that he is was more than ready to stalk and kill with his loaded weapon. As per responsible gun ownership.

You all who are co-signing this murder are the worst that humanity has to offer. 
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