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The system needs sorting out.
Just stop.

Is that evidence of a broken legal system or is that reality?

Why would anyone make up statistics?

Youre doing exactly what I said, trying to defend a murder and its unbecoming of you.

WWGHA is dedicated to helping people who believe something without evidence. Clearly there was no murder. Why do you insist on saying there was? Did you not hear the juror who said that there simply was not the evidence to convict? Or perhaps your prejudice trumps that?

I ask you to address the social causes from the start of the incident to the verdict, not just shout because you don't like the result.

I cannot imagine that you would want a justice system that is based on a popular vote based upon the reports of a hysterical media. Did you get so wound up about O J Simpson?

If you read what I have written instead of imagining what I have written, you will see that my point is that young blacks males are distrusted. You will note an earlier post that asks "if Martin had been a middle-aged white woman, would this have ever happened?" The answer is clearly "No." But there is probably a reason for that, and I gave a few.

It is not the justice system that is broken; the justice system reflects society. It is society that is broken. That's what I said.
Still using the same lack of reasoning I see. First off, the jurors EXACT words are "George Zimmerman got away with murder" link? Admit your stupid folly and move on. http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/juror-b29-maddy-says-zimmerman-got-away-with-murder/2013/07/25/a636ec2a-f55a-11e2-aa2e-4088616498b4_story.html

Why would you assume what side I "was on" in the OJ trial (as if people must pick sides)? What does that say about you? I see your true colors grey, very clearly.

There is a difference in the Zimmerman and Simpson trials, one that klansmen people like yourself seem to either ignore or are incapable of grasping. The OJ trial was a trial to determine if OJ committed the murders. Read that again and let it sink into your simple brain. The Zimmerman trial has no such debate. Zimmerman killed the kid. That was established before the trial. Read it again, let it sink into your simple brain. What ACTUALLY was on trial in the Zimmerman case is whether it was okay to murder the kid. The fact that you liken this to the OJ trial simply reveals your hood and robe for all to see.

Get it? Do I need to repeat it to make it more clear? Or is that peanut of yours working?

Yes, the justice system is broken. Thats for another thread. Society is broken as well. But when the justice system knows who the murderer is, knows the victim was an innocent kid, and lets the murderer walk free, its safe to say the system is broken. Your acceptance of a bigoted view being the reason Zimmerman got off is quite frankly disgusting.
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