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JB, you should just find a LGBT friendly church and be done with it since thats what fits your SPAG. You are doing no different than what literally every Christian has done and must do because it is impossible to agree with everything in the bible due to its contradictory nature. They all simply state that the parts they agree with are the "Truth" while the parts that are not beneficial to them they either ignore or call man made or whatever. Every Christian does it, even you, as evidenced here.

I dont know how much more clear the good folks here can make it. You believe in the Jesus myth, therefore you are a Christian, and B you also believe in the bible. Its not even debatable. You can make proclamations against it all you want, but everything you say leads back to you are a Christian exercising your own personal SPAG.

I live in Illinois, right outside of Chicago, here's something I found, and I'm sure it exists for every heavily populated area.  http://www.gaychurch.org/find_a_church/united_states/us_illinois.htm

LOL just realized that Ive been to the one in my town of Bolingbrook... back when I believed in fairy tales.
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