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Well I think I know where my belief comes from better than you. 

This is no different from me saying they really believe they just say they don't.  I could say what I want about you, it does not make it true.   If I say I do not base my belief on the bible, I do not, and I find it most arrogant for any of you to say otherwise.  If my belief was bible based I would believe I was condemned to hell along with everybody here.

Do I agree with some of Jesus's teachings, yes I do.  I believe in some Buddhist teachings, I believe in some Native American teachings.  There is plenty of sources that influence my belief.  What I find critical is that I consider the consequences and not follow blindly. 

Ancient Toltec knowledge is what I live my life by.  Take that and really stick it in your ear. 

I am not a liar.
I did not call you a liar. You just simply dont know about what youre talking about.
Whether Jesus existed or not is immaterial to where you got your belief in him from. Fact still remains that the only places to get this Jesus myth are holy books, namely the bible. ITS THE ONLY PLACE. So if you believe in Jesus you get it from the bible (or Koran I suppose) plain and simple. Now, you may have cherry picked other religions like you do Christianity, but that doesnt make you any less a Christian (someone who believes in the Jesus myth).

Jesus didnt come to you. You didnt learn about "Jesus' teachings" in a history book. You either got them from the bible, or someone else who got them from the bible. I'm going to insist that you think critically.
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