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If I based belief on the bible I would not believe.  Wheels I know you've read enough of my posts to know that I do not get my belief from the bible.  The bible is why I was atheist for 7 years.  I believe in Intelligent Design.  The authors of the bible, though presumably wrong, thought up Intelligent Design before the bible was written, so it is possible to believe in God w/o the bible.  Many tribes believed in a Higher Power and many still do.  It is the attributes assigned to that Power that I do not subscribe to.

It is possible that Jesus was real.  In the chance that is true I will not dishonor him.  IMO, we are all God's children.

You people need to stop telling lies about me.  Atheistic attitudes.

My belief comes from the belief that intelligence was necessary to have such a world as we do.  NOT FROM THE BIBLE.
You absolutely base your belief on the bible. it is bible god that you identify with and his son. There is no other way to get that belief than from the bible. Your belief in Jesus is from the bible, along with what you think he did. You dont see Hindus upset that the bible is disgraceful to their god... you know why? Because the bible has nothing to do with their belief system. The bible has EVERYTHING to do with your belief system, so thats why it offends you.

JB you are a christian, whether you want to admit it or not.

And in response to a previous response of yours, you stated that you did not say that the book was lies, just that it was disgraceful. I dont think you'll find too many here that disagree, the book is a disgrace. However, your inability to call it lies suggests that it is true. And since it is true, by your own admission, should they not give the accurate portrayal of your god? Should not a biography on Thomas Jesfferson include that he was a slaveholder?

For me accuracy is the best bet. As I look around the world, if there wasnt natural explanations for everything, I could see how a dumb evil god (like the one in the bible) would be responsible for these conditions. Certainly not the one you try to describe.
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