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I'll take reality any day of the week over imaginary. If reality is bad, then imagining something better doesnt make it better. By accepting reality is the only way we can make it better.

My deconversion wasnt complicated or scary. I was disappointed in myself for believing such asinine stories, and disappointed in those I trusted for feeding me the stuff. I was just glad that I rid of the superstition completely at a fairly young age. As for it being a choice, I dont think it was a choice for me, rather I am lead by the evidence and rational thought. Once I saw the gross inconsistencies and outright deplorable things done by yahweh in the bible it lead me to research the book itself. Once I saw that the book itself was a sketchy collection of nonsense written by uneducated shepherds who certainly didnt have the mental capacity (likely due to their period in time or maybe not) that I did even as a teen, then the only option was clear.

The feelings I got from religion I had already learned I could get elsewhere from art, music, gazing into the night sky... so there just was absolutely nothing to support my belief at all. Nothing, not a shred. At that point it just wasnt any more of a choice than to believe or disbelieve in the sun.
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