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You know whats awesome? Well I'll tell you anyways...

I love my dad, he was awesome when I was growing up (even though we didnt always agree and sometimes got into it) and he's awesome still!

But growing up, he and I butted heads a few times as I got older, as two males are likely to do; and though he was way stronger than me he never physically assaulted me, even when we stood nose to nose mad as hell, and I cursed him. Not a punch, a grab, a head lock, nothing. He would always explain his view reasonably when the time was right for him.

We had a basement, we had gasoline, we had matches and lighters... But he NEVER threatened to lock me in the basement and burn me forever. I guess, it is different, because its not like I didnt believe he existed. I knew/know he existed because he was always there whether I was right or wrong, made sure I never needed for anything... the way a father should, especially when he's capable. There was no way for me to think that he didnt exist.

See, there's a difference between my dad and yahweh. My dad was there, and he never sent a representative of his to tell me that he was going to torture me forever. May dad is so much better than yahweh that I may call him and apologize to him when I'm done here, for even comparing him to that absentee, deadbeat skydaddy of yours.

Real dads are awesome buddy. Imaginary ones.... well, theyre not.
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