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My first post ... so here it goes.

While I understand that some around the world feel that our military activities are directed against them and that we are killing innocent civilians, let us remember WHY we went to Afghanistan.  The Taliban was providing safe harbor to Bin Laden and providing a place for Al Queda to organize and plan attacks against the United States.  Every country of this world has the right to defend itself.  Our constitution requires that we "provide for the common defense." 

While it is great to be able to shoot down incoming missiles (and, I feel the military should continue to invest in technology that can do this with increasing accuracy and reliability), we also have to realize that incoming missiles are not the only way that we might be attacked.  9/11 showed us that.  A small group of people, given a place to organize and some financing, can do great damage.  It is a reasonable thing then, if the military has strong believe that a group is organizing like that, to kill them before they kill us.  A very practical way of doing that is a drone strike.  That puts our military at a minimum risk.

The people of Afghanistan can decide if they want to harbor Al Queda in their country.  And, in fact, many of them DO want to.  They consider Bin Laden a hero.  By doing so, they are putting themselves in harm's way, because we have a right to defend ourselves.  The alternative is for them to say that 9/11 was a horrible thing and that they do not want any part of it.  Don't provide safe harbor to those that would work toward another 9/11 plot.

Our military is trying to find and stop those that would do harm to us.  War is a messy process.  But, our military is not killing to make a statement, it is killing to accomplish a goal.  That is the difference between our military and the two guys in Boston setting pressure cooker bombs.
I am flattered to be the recipient of your first post, welcome!

I know others have already responded to this but here goes...

1st I view the attacks on 9/11 the same way as the Boston bombing. We've done WAY more killing than the few thousand that died on 9/11 BEFORE 9/11. Sorry friend, we are terrorists also. People here (US) seem to think everything was going along great when all of a sudden out of the blue they decided to knock some buildings down. Well that is false. Our meandering in affairs all over the globe warrant other countries to protect themselves from US. We are the only country playing army man on every continent with hundreds of bases in other countries. We are the only country to have actually used a weapon of mass destruction.... on civilians no less. As pointed out earlier, when you kill several people trying to get one person, you didnt solve a problem at all, youve actually made it exponentially worse. You think those people whose small sons and daughters, or moms and dads, or grand parents, friends, aunts, uncles, and cousins just give us a pass when we "accidentally" murder their loved ones? Well, would you? They probably make plans to fight back. And the ONLY way to fight the US is the way they did on 9/11. No good strategist would plan to get into a military war, with us. The way to do the most damage is exactly what they did.

We had better take a step back and look at how we deal with other countries because thats what causes hostilities. Its just laughable to me that people think we're hated because we have McDonalds and "freedom" that doesnt account for why Europeans hate us too. Especially more wealthy and more free countries. Its our actions friend, our actions in the world make us a target for more 9/11's.
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