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I picked the wrong post I know. My bad. &)

I gave those sources to support greed as the cause of poverty and cancer, not the "main topic". 

The abuse of power, that comes from the terrible example star and pony set for their peers.

Religion is a product of belief.  What I can't seem to get anyone here to do is understand the meaning of the topic,"Believing in God is Not a Bad Thing", is to understand I just mean the theory of 'intelligent creation'. I wish I had worded it that way.  Hindsight is 20/20.

you have demonstrated such an incapability to use reason and thought that I am embarrassed for you. I'm not candy coating any longer. Your use of "religion" is one of the more stupid things I have ever heard. It's like saying "swallowing cyanide isnt bad, its the results that are bad..." You just display a complete lack of depth in your thought that I didnt think was possible in sentient beings. Believing in god has made you this utterly incapable of forming a coherent idea, and that is also bad. Believing in god has made you mentally incapable of understanding the most simplest of ideas, and worse has made you want to parade these poor attributes in the least likely of all places; an atheistic website where critical thought and evidence takes center stage.

Believing in god has stripped you of any semblance of critical thought and reduced you to the cowardly, ducking, excuse making toddler we see today. That is why believing is bad. I cant suffer through your incoherent, inconsistent, thoughtless posts much longer. We are not buying your assertions, so stop asserting them. The "evidence" you posted is infantile and doesnt even support what youre saying.

Explain to us how the fuck you can sit here and try to explain away how your imaginary god helps you violating your free will, allows infants to starve to death violating their free will (did they choose to starve to death?), does anything at all, is "love" (as you like to assert), then out of the other side of your mouth you claim this utterly stupid and worthless god you dreamed up is a "mystery". Explain how you can come to all these god awful conclusions if this worthless SOB you worship is a mystery.

I mean damn, do you even think?

Sorry all, but JB is tiresome and dishonest as any that have arrived here during my tenure.
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