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You have no intention of letting any of my answers satisfy you.  My point is made. Human's will be hateful,greedy, murdering, bigots, with or w/o belief in God.  You want something to blame?  Blame human nature because that's what it's called.
Who said they wanted something to blame? This here doesnt answer anything I asked. I think I see the root of the problem. You arent reading anything people are writing to you, then you think simply because you quote a post then post a response, regardless of what your response says or the question said, you have "answered" the question. Well, that just isnt so.

I have asked you how we are supposed to discern between Fred Phelps beliefs in a god that "hates fags" and your belief that god does not hate homosexuals, when neither of you have any evidence for either of your opinions other than you saying it is so? Well, in fact Fred Phelps has MORE evidence than you in yahweh's autobiography (that you also subscribe to in order to pluck your belief in jesus) where he is clearly against homosexuals.

I have also asked how you can determine which parts of yahweh's autobiography we can just ignore (as you do when it suits your made up religion) and how you come to those conclusions? Simply stating that you believe yahweh is love is not satisfactory since Fred Phelps claims yahweh is hate.

Finally, we are not looking for anyone to blame. We know we are to blame for people starving when there is an over abundance of food on the planet. The question is if your god exists as you say it does, why does it sit with its thumb in its ass while its beloved children starve to death. Thats more rhetorical, because we know the answer. You should think about it though.
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