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a few of us were discussing this at work today. I know one is a christian, the other lady I dont know but she was defending the chicken dudes freedom of speech then there's me. And I can honestly say the christian did something I havent seen from christians. After she gave me her whole "i believe marriage is between a man and a woman....bible" speech I sincerely asked her how she deals with verses in the bible pertaining to and condoning slavery. She didnt have an answer, then I told her I know she doesnt agree with it (she's black as well), then I said she could use the same reasoning she uses to dismiss the slavery thing in the bible to dismiss her definition of marriage. She was kinda quiet for some moments and then told me I make a valid point. Sensing the small victory I left it at that.

See I still have faith in people (but this faith isnt blind).
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