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ev·i·dence [ évvid'nss ]   

3.statements of witnesses: the oral or written statements of witnesses and other people involved in a trial or official inquiry

In light of #3 I don't understand how it can be said there is absolutely no evidence for God.

Did you notice that #3 is for something legal, not scientific. By that process JC is not the son of god because you will probably have no witnesses (honest ones) giving statement that god made Mary pregnant.

Scientific evidence should be accessible to anyone who is involved, otherwise it will remain an unproven theory. We have millions and millions of unproven theories, take a number and get in line.

Here is one possible discussion:

Me: I designed an engine which gives a mileage of 921 miles per pint with an average power output in the range of 300 HP and has zero emissions.
Colonel Motors: Fascinating, can we see this wonder?
Me: Not till I get 1 trillion
Colonel Motors: You gotta be kidding...
Me: No, I have evidence, oral and written statements from 13 butchers and 1 mailman. That would suffice, put the trillion on the table...
Colonel Motors: Bovine excrement ... $@%$ .... *&^$%...
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