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Because my subjective morality says that victims don't matter.

There we go!  I think that we have identified the problem here.

You see, if I believed that this life was just an audition for an afterlife, that existed for all of eternity, I wouldn't really be concerned about suffering that happens during the relative blink of time that we exist on planet earth.  I might feel a little tiny twinge of pain, like I do when I deny my daughter a piece of chocolate that she really really really wants.  I mean, she is suffering during those minutes before dinner.  But care about her.  Not just her immediate gratification, but her long-term nutrition.  If I thought she was just auditioning for heaven, I wouldn't care about her long-term health. 

But you see, I don't think that she is auditioning for anything.  I think that this is her only life.  And I want it to be long.  I want her to be healthy and happy.

For every human being on planet earth, I believe that this is our one and only life.  And because of that, I am concerned about human suffering.  I believe that every human being has the right to access healthy food, clean water, to have a comfortable home, and even to seek joy and contribute to humanity.

I work to help people rebuild their lives BECAUSE I value this life.  If I thought that this life was just a blink of an eye in relationship to an eternity of playing harps on clouds, I would feel no more empathy for torture survivors than I do for my daughter during the minutes that she is denied a cookie while I'm preparing dinner. 

I care about the well-being of human beings BECAUSE I believe that this life is valuable. 

I care about the well-being of our planet because I believe that future generations of human beings should not inherit the aftermath of this generation's greed.

I care about institutionalized greed and exploitation because I believe that human beings should not benefit from the exploitation of other human beings. 

I do care about the "victims."  I care about the victims because I don't get to dismiss their pain as part of god's plan, or a special test that they are being given by some pathologically cruel deity, who is probably going to reward them later, if they pass the test.  I don't get to dismiss their plight as some sort of karmic punishment for bad deeds in a previous life. 

You don't care because your religion gives you an excuse not to care. 
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