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I learned something today that I didn't know.  And I'm really mad I didn't know it.

Much mockery was made of the testimony by Rachel Jeantel, who was on the phone with Trayvon while he was being stalked.  She was not articulate enough.  And no one understood what she was saying. 

But the one thing we all heard about was that Trayvon had told her he was being followed by a CREEPY ASS CRACKER.  Much was made about this!  Trayvon wasn't innocent!  Cracker?  Cracker?  He was the racist. 

But really.  No one was listening to Rachel.  She didn't quote Trayvon as saying he was being followed by a creepy-ass cracker She said quoted him as saying he was being followed by a creepy ass-cracker.   Apparently, ass cracker, or butt cracker, is one who performs anal sex. 

Everyone heard the word cracker.  AH HA!!!  See Trayvon must be the racist!  And no one heard what she said next.  She said that Trayvon knew he was being stalked, and thought that he was going to be sexually assaulted. 


Everyone was having so much fun mocking her, that they were not even listening to her. [1]

This kid, in the last moments of his life, knew he was being stalked, and thought he was going to be raped. 

And the prosecution didn't pick up on it.  And the media didn't pick up on it.  And everyone heard the word cracker, and no one heard anything else. 

Now, if this point had been brought up, perhaps it might have explained the boo boo on Zimmerman's nose. 

How terrifying the last minutes of this kid's life must have been. 
 1. And if anyone on this forum listens to this piece and mocks her, I will give you negative karma - which I don't do very often
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